Terms and conditions for car rental services

The customer must read and confirm the present rental conditions by signing the contract. The customer must agree to all the terms of this contract. The Lessee reserves the right to refuse the rental or extension.

The client must be 21 years old, be in possession of a valid national or international driving license that has at least one year’s seniority and to submit a valid Identity Document. The lessor will make copies of the driver’s license and the identity document of each driver mentioned in the contract.

For the customers aged between 21 and 25 years, an extra 150 Euro guarantee is required in addition to the warranty for the vehicle to be rented.

The following are included in the rental rate: RCA and CASCO insurance, road taxes, maintenance and periodic technical revisions, an additional driver, 24h / 24 and 7 days / 7 roadside assistance, in the event of accident or mechanical damage, a replacement car in case of damage that can not be repaired on the spot..

All vehicles are delivered and must be returned with full tank. If the tank is not full at the time of return of the car, the missing fuel value will be invoiced, based on the Locator’s estimate.

Car rental is only allowed in the territory of Romania

The delivery and return of the vehicle shall be made at the place, date and time set by the Customer together with the Lessor, and mentioned in the contract. Returning the vehicle to a place other than that in which it was delivered is only permitted with the consent of the Locator and may incur additional charges.

The rented vehicle can only be driven by the Customer, the persons mentioned in the contract as additional drivers and by the Locator.

The rented vehicle must be used in accordance with the instructions for its use and in accordance with the Locator’s instructions. Any damage must be announced to the Locator at the time it was found and all measures should be taken to limit it.

In the event of damage, the client undertakes to comply with the formalities provided by the law for declaring the damage.

Each rental has a damage franchise, also called a warranty for damage. The Warranty is invoiced by the Locator to the Customer only under the following conditions:

– inadequate maintenance of the vehicle, resulting in defects and damage (tire trimming, thrusting or bumping, wheel deformation, malfunctions caused intentionally to the engine, wheels, clutch, damage to the upholstery, hinges or registration plates, lack of the objects specified in the delivery-receipt sheet)

– damages caused to the vehicle during its driving by unauthorized persons (unauthorized = not respecting rental conditions that refer to driver’s age, seniority of the driving license category).

– damages (accidents) caused to the rented vehicle, and the lack of carrying out mandatory steps to establish the damage by the bodies authorized by the Police,

– damages (accidents) caused to the rented vehicle, ascertained by the authorities authorized by the Police, as a fault of the Client or with an unknown author (including the situation in which the vehicle is found hit in the parking lot).

– the theft of the rented vehicle, its original keys, or vehicle registration plates.

The vehicle has CASCO insurance. The insurance does not cover the loss, theft or destruction of goods belonging to the Client or his attendants in the vehicle.

The rental price per day is given depending on the rental period. In the case of early reimbursement of the vehicle (before the rental period expires), the amounts paid are not refunded, unless this is the Locator’s initiative.

Upon return of the vehicle, in the case of an announced delay of up to one hour from the date and time mentioned in the contract, no additional charges are payable. The Locator reserves the right to charge an additional fee according to the following calculation method: for an announced delay of 1-3 hours, there will be an additional charge corresponding to half a day of rental on the list price; for an announced delay of more than 3 hours, an additional charge equal to the equivalent of a rental day at the list rate will be charged. The list price is understood to be the one-day rental charge corresponding to the rented car. The announced delay may not exceed 24 hours after the deadline specified in the contract.

For unannounced delays, the same charges will be charged as for the announced delays plus an extra charge of 5 Euro per hour of delay until the vehicle is handed over.

All fees will be paid by the Customer at the time of handing over the vehicle on the basis of the payment document issued by the Locator.

Price calculation does not include fuel costs, which are the responsibility of the Customer


Upon expiry of the rental period, the Customer has the obligation to return the vehicle at the time and place specified in the contract, under the same conditions as it was taken over.

In the event that the Customer unduly delays the delivery of the vehicle, the Lessor has the right to remove it from the Customer’s possession at the expense and risk of the latter.

If the Customer does not return the rented vehicle and the lease period is not prolonged, the Customer is obliged to pay the penalties calculated according to the list tariff.



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